Happy Birthday, President Clinton!

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Thinking back, it’s amazing to remember all the things you’ve accomplished.

You put us on the path to prosperity with record economic growth. 22 million jobs were created during your administration.

You inherited a budget deficit and transformed it into a surplus of $236 billion dollars by the end of your second term. You led the way on fiscal responsibility.

You enacted sensible gun control legislation that banned assault weapons…a ban that the Republican-led Congress would later allow to expire.

You brokered a peace agreement in Bosnia, a ceasefire in Northern Ireland, and even brought us breathtakingly close to an Israeli-Palestinian accord. When Rabin and Arafat shook hands on the White House lawn, you were behind them with your arms outstretched, as if to gather both men into an embrace.

That is your gift…you bring people together and help them find common ground. You did it again when you forged philanthropic partnerships with George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, and former political rivals became dear friends.

You have a huge heart and a phenomenal mind. We’ve all seen you take a complicated subject and explain it in such a clear, concise way that we’re suddenly able to understand it.

You left the White House, but you never left us. You kept reaching out to people in need, through the Clinton Foundation, which has been such a force for good in the world.

Thank you!


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